Native, Christian, & Gnostic Truth

Here is the best summary of the connection between Native American Medicine Wheel teachings, esoteric Christian belief, and the Gnostic (experiential knowledge) tradition.  It is far superior in my opinion to anything Theosophy can teach you and much more clearly and simply stated.  Standing West’s  comment entitled The Golden Rule is brilliant and reflects everything I have discovered in my 70 years of study.

To bring everything back around to the psychological connection to spirituality, we need to add Alice Miller.Alice Miller

Alice Miller’s analysis of the roots of violence comes down to child rearing and replacing the old ways with self love, which can only begin with us, with our changing the way we parent (ourselves and our children).  As a Jew, who survived the Holocaust, Miller is amazingly generous, not to say courageous, as she uses her considerable therapeutic skills in trying to understand how Hitler’s childhood made him into the destructive monster and tyrannical father of Germany.  It all goes back to that honor your father and mother (and God) regardless of how cruelly they treat you.

If you add the study of Carl Jung’s discoveries concerning the inner world, mysticism, and the nature of the Self, you will come back here understanding the way of the spiritual pilgrim.  Good luck.  It is a difficult journey, but as Robert Frost put it,  one that “makes all the difference.”

mandala of light

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  1. All the difference, indeed, Michael. Thank you again for your link.

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