About Hermiades

The ancient Greek god of transformation was Hermes.  He ruled communication, was the Divine messanger between Olympos and the human world.  He led the souls into the Underworld of Hades.  He was a transformer of human consciousness as a sexual initiator, trickster, and was the god of the marketplace.  After stealing his brother Apollo’s sacred cows, the infant Hermes traded his invention, the musical stringed instrument the Lyre, (which he made from a turtle he had just killed) for Apollo’s wand.  Hermes is the god of balancing the opposites, dream transmission and interpretation.  Through Hermes’ various activities people are opened up to new possibilities and relationships.  He embodies the Spiritual Dimension.  After all, He’s a god.  His sons, who follow his path are called Hermiades, literally “sons of Hermes”.

The philosophers (lovers of wisdom) Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle were sons of Apollo, god of harmony, light and reason.

Apollo with his Lyra

Aristotle liked to walk and talk, exploring and discovering the patterns in nature.  His rational approach was the beginning of science.  Another of Apollo’s sons was Asklepios, the first Doctor of Medicine.  He used his patients’ dreams to diagnose and prescribe treatments.  Here is the connecting link between philosophy and hermeneutics.  This blog is dedicated to exploring this Rainbow Bridge where reason and intuition meet, and benefit humanity.

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  4. juna says:

    I have so much to learn from the white ~ Eagle !

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