Child’s Play

Good ideas and methods touch the essential in us. Sacred space and taking care of the environment are exhibited in Play Therapy and Montessori’s method of education.

Ancient Whiteagle Wisdom

Talking with a younger colleague about the importance of naps and play in childhood, I was thinking about the Native American concept of sacred space. In the old times when we were free to roam the land, we were encouraged to find a “special place” where we could talk to the spirits of the land and of the universe. Child sacred spaceThe star nations above us were camp fires of the Star People, our relatives in the sky. The sun and moon were our grandparents. When children play in their room, they are in their sacred space. This is just as true for adults as it is for children.

Everyone should have a place for privacy. We need sacred space where we can connect with the forces of the universe. Whom we invite into our space is our choice. It is essential to have a place like that. As children we find…

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About Michael J. Melville

People describe me as a Spiritual Catalyst because their spiritual evolution speeds up when they share their process with me. Discussing dreams, addictions, sacred medicines, family histories, or personal relationships moves one closer to the core, where the inner child dwells. Once contact with her/him is made, growth resumes.
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